About Us

Rachana Foundation is an independent non-profit organization registered under Societies Registration Act and Bombay Public Trust Act. It is based in Mumbai, India. It was conceived by Vasundhara Rao with a mission of raising Intellectual Property awareness in various sections of the society. Vasundhara Rao is a veteran Indian Lawyer with an expertise in Intellectual Property Law and a passion for social work.

Mission & Vision

In this knowledge driven economy, Intellectual property plays a major role. We believe that in the 21st century, creativity and innovation remain the driving forces behind the country’s competitiveness and prosperity.
Hence, we aim to educate people about various forms of Intellectual Property, and the need and economic benefits of identifying and protecting their Intellectual Property.
Our mission is to empower stakeholders and general public in Intellectual Property policy through information, networking, dialogue, well-targeted research.

What We Do

  • We undertake awareness, sensitization programs, providing training and/or education programs for the stakeholders and the general public on various aspects of Intellectual Property and related issues, where our speakers and volunteers enunciate the different features of Intellectual Property in a simple, informative and customized way.
  • We conduct studies on the protection of intellectual property and advocate for fair balance between intellectual property protection and the public interest.
  • We study, propose amendments in laws, policies, in order to achieve proper status of Inventors and Entrepreneurs, Intellectual Property creators to cope with the changing times and circumstances.

Special Thanks!

We express our gratitude to Exponent- Attorneys At Law for their invaluable support and expert guidance.

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